Vision and Values

Willamette Primary PTA Vision & Values

 Willamette PTA is Committed to the Vision of a PTA and School Community which promotes the educational opportunities for our children by: 

  1. Supporting the Whole Child
  2. Engaging all Parents in the Education of Our Children
  3. Supporting the Willamette Teachers and Staff
  4. Building Community, Inside and Outside the School
  5. Providing Information for Legislative Advocacy 

We hold these as our values and the basis for our decisions           

Willamette Primary PTA Mission

 Create Opportunities to Support the Development of the Whole Child, for Each Student

  • Create and promote educational opportunities and activities so all our children feel represented
  • Foster an environment that allows each child to maximize his/her potential
  • Encourage the spirit of discovery, adventure and creativity through activities
  • Promote health and wellness for all our children
  • Support character education and service learning activities and classes
  • Inspire in our children, the strength and willingness to see every goal as attainable
  • Support a safe, loving and nurturing learning environment, that encourages each child to be the best they can be
  • Provide financial support for the above, where needed, upon approval 

Facilitate the Inclusion and Involvement of All Parents

  • Provide a lens to focus the creative goodwill of parent community into positive school improvement
  • Foster an atmosphere where all parents feel included
  • Engage all parents in participating in our community of learning
  • Listen to and balance the needs of our diverse parent community
  • Demonstrate honest and open communication
  • Offer opportunities for parent education
  • Provide financial support for the above, where needed, upon approval 

Support and Partner with Willamette Teachers and Staff in Their Work with Our Children

  • Support teachers in their effort to reach school, district and state standardized goals
  • Enable teachers to reach their goals through classroom volunteering and classroom grants  
  • Support each child’s educational and development growth, by working with parents as a team  
  • Promote parent-teacher partnerships for the success of the whole child
  • Promote positive school-community relationships by inviting members of the community to participate in the learning of the classroom
  • Provide financial support for the above, where needed, upon approval 

Foster a Dynamic Relationship Within and Beyond the Community of Willamette

  • Instill within our school an environment that encourages community members to volunteer their time
  • Foster enlightenment through education of parents, student and community to create a comfortable learning environment for all parties
  • Provide financial support for the above, where needed, upon approval 

Provide Education for Legislative Advocacy for All Children

  • Inform and empower parents to take an active role with local governmental policy-makers to ensure continued success in our schools